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Under Floor Heating

Under Floor

For more information on our Underfloor heating systems, contact our team today at Dublin Tile & Bathroom Centre!

Underfloor Heating

Dublin Tile & Bathroom Centre offers top-quality underfloor heating services to clients based in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Our Underfloor heating systems ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency in your home or commercial space.

Our experienced underfloor heating installers use the latest technology and techniques to design, install, and maintain underfloor heating systems that provide consistent and effective heating throughout your property. We offer customized solutions to fit your specific needs and requirements. We offer competitive underfloor heating costs for all underfloor heating systems.


Contact Dublin Tile & Bathroom Centre today for a free quote on all underfloor heating costs!

The advantages of using our underfloor heating installations:

There are many advantages of using our underfloor heating systems:

》 We offer reliable underfloor heating systems that last
》 The timerstats and thermostats keep energy costs to a minimum
》 We will exchange unused goods for a different size, send out replacements for probes free of charge and discuss any other problems you have.

For competitive underfloor heating costs on all underfloor heating systems, contact our team today!

How do we install our underfloor heating systems?

There are many things to consider when installing our underfloor heating systems:

》 We never install underfloor heating over a cold concrete sub-floor
》 Modern insulated concrete floors give satisfactory results
》 We install insulation over concrete floors to give excellent results
Timber flooring is then installed to finish the look

What underfloor heating system do we use?

We are proud retailers of the ‘COSY TOES’ under-floor heating systems; we supply the entire system; contact us today to discuss your options. ‘COSY TOES’ under-floor heating systems are reliable, cost-effective options to heat your home.

To avail of our underfloor heating solutions, contact our team today!


Under Floor Heating FAQ’s

Do we offer free quotes on our underfloor heating solutions?

Yes! At Dublin Tile & Bathroom Centre, we offer free quotes on all underfloor heating systems.

Are our underfloor heating systems set in sizes?

At Dublin Tile & Bathroom Centre, to offer underfloor heating systems that are specifically tailored to the size of your room.

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