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Wet Rooms

Wet Rooms

For more information on our modern wet room bathrooms, contact our team today!

Wet Rooms

Our Dublin Tile & Bathroom Centre team specializes in providing high-quality wet room installation services for residential and commercial properties. We cater our wet room bathrooms to clients in Dublin and the surrounding areas.

We work with a team of skilled professionals with over 25 years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining wet rooms to the highest standards. We understand that every customer has unique requirements and preferences. That is why we work closely with our clients to design and install the perfect wet room for your needs. Whether it is a small wet room or a large modern wet room bathroom, our team have got you covered!


Contact Dublin Tile & Bathroom Centre today for a free quote on our wet rooms!

What is a wet room?

A wet room is essentially a fully waterproof bathroom.


A modern wet room bathroom works with drainage to ensure that all water leaves the room through grids or plates.

For a free quote on your wet room installation, contact our team today!

What elements of the wet room bathroom do we install?

At Dublin Tile & Bathroom Centre we install all elements of wet room bathrooms, including:

》 Tiling
》 Showers
》 Baths
》 Water tight tanking kits under floor
》 New grids for drainage
》 New plates for drainage

》Level access trays

The advantages of installing a small wet room in your property:

There are many advantages of installing a wet room bathroom into your property:

》 Wet rooms create a sleek, modern look within your property
》 They can increase the value of your property
》 They are very practical
》 They can be customised to suit any need
》 They are waterproof
》 They are hygienic as they reduce the likelihood of mould growth

To avail of our competitive wet room bathroom costs, contact our team today!


Wet Rooms FAQs

Can we install large-scale wet rooms?

Yes! At Dublin Tile & Bathroom Centre, we can create any size wet room, from a small wet room to a large-scale, modern wet room bathroom.

What is the catchment area of our wet room bathroom installations?

At Dublin Tile & Bathroom Centre, we cater our wet room bathroom installations to clients in Dublin and the surrounding areas.

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